Real Estate Counseling

Statistics say the average American can read to a 5th grade reading level.  When experts were questioned on this, they simply responded that these students learned enough to meet their basic life needs and did not continue developing in this area. Unfortunately, most professionals you meet approach their career of expertise in much the same way. They develop their skills to a level that meets their minimum career needs.

The Principals of Sunbelt Investments have nearly 20 years experience in real estate. The skills and experience acquired have continued to develop and have spanned multiple sections of the real estate industry.  

The hands-on experience has been as investors, realtors, lenders, property managers, landlords and renovators.

This experience has been deployed into single family homes, du/tri/quad plexes, small and large apartment buildings, oil and gas, commercial space, bare land, as well as new construction.

In the last 20 years the Principals of Sunbelt have been involved in over 1500 real estate transactions in 7 states in the U.S.A.   They are familiar with not only the process for buying and selling, but have a firm understanding of lending practices, entity structuring and real estate transaction structure, flow and risk.

Whether you are investing in the Sunbelt or not, the Principals of Sunbelt Investments can consult with you on your current real estate opportunity or situation.  Often times making a good decision includes bringing in the experience of one who knows rather than hearing the opinions offered by every member of your family and circle of influence.

We are transparent, straight-forward, and will give you honest feedback. Our rates are as follows;

One-Time Consultation:  $295 (flat rate for up to two hours)

Ongoing consultation:  $125/hour

Monthly Coaching: $100/month (one 50 minute session/month)