Portfolio Management

For several years the Principals of Sunbelt Investments have managed the actual properties owned by investors in the United States, as well as investors living internationally.

After 15 years in the property management business, the Principals of Sunbelt believed their greatest value to investors was to assist investors in managing the property manager. Out of this belief our portfolio management division was born.

Our 'Portfolio Management' service does not mean we manage the day to day operations of your rental properties. Your portfolio of investment properties could collecttively be built in multiple cities around the country offering you mitigated risk and diversification to your portfolio. The day to day operation of rent collection, maintenance and resident correspondence is best handled by a highly skilled, local property manager.

Our role is to take our years of experience as a property management firm who interacted with tenants, leased out and maintained 1000’s of properties and use the experience we gleaned to help you manage your property manager.


Here is how our service works…

Each month we will receive the statement of your rental properties from each property manager. We will review those statements with you, or for you, and let you know if there is anything that could be of concern and point out items that need to be addressed.

On those monthly statements could be a transfer of rental income that could be off by just $25 and over the course of one year, if not addressed, equals $300 of your money.

On those monthly statements could be a normal maintenance item.  We will be able to advise you if the cost is appropriate for the repair for the local market in which your investment property is located.

For this service our fees are extremely affordable.  Your cost is simply 1% per month of your expected rent.  If your investment property is leased out for $900.00 per month then our fee is only $9.00. Yes, only nine dollars. This is typically paid annually.

You will find value and comfort in having someone on your side to discuss issues concerning your current rental properties.