Portfolio Development

Portfolio noun port·fo·lio \pȯrt-ˈfō-lē-ˌō\              Development noun de·vel·op·ment \di-ˈve-ləp-mənt, dē-\

 Our definition of Portfolio Development is 'the building of your real estate investment portfolio based on a defined set of goals and guidelines.'

There is a proper definition for each of these words, however here at Sunbelt Investments our definition is using these two words as a compound word. The two words together means, you are constantly developing your portfolio of investment real estate. Adding more properties, selling some of them, refinancing, recapitalizing, re-investing. The development of your portfolio does not stop just when you arrive at your goal number of investment properties but it is a focused and constant process of refinement.

The Principals of Sunbelt Investments and staff are highly skilled in the art of developing a real estate portfolio.   We are so committed to helping others build their real estate portfolios we offer 2 Free Full Hours of portfolio development consultation with you, the investor.   This is part of our overall service to you.   The 2 hours of this consultation is not a sale presentation it is a focused conversation with you about your financial goals and discussing if investing in real estate is a good fit for you and your financial goals.   We will follow it with a written plan on how to get there with you one step at a time. This type of service most firms charge an egregious amount of money for because they make their living consulting.   At Sunbelt Investments our living is made off of first, the development of our personal real estate portfolios and secondly, off assisting you in developing your real estate portfolio through the investment of single family homes.

At Sunbelt Investments, our focus is working with both seasoned and new investors who desire to develop their real estate portfolio.  Owning any investment property is a step in the right direction however, developing a portfolio of the right investment properties is how you will be able to achieve your financial goals.

Many will tell you portfolio development is an art, not a science. The Principals of Sunbelt Investments have invested the last 18 years in the art of developing and refining real estate portfolios.  There is not a financial planner on our team, just a lot of years of real boots on the ground in building real estate portfolios from the ground up.

The portfolio development process is not simple but it is straight forward.  It is not based on some complicated calculation or based on massive wall street organizations closed door deal and tactics.  The portfolio development process is coming up with your long term goals, finding comfort level in the goals and the vehicle you have chosen to get you there (i.e. investment real estate) and then taking action by beginning your investing career.