What is the Sunbelt?

The Sunbelt is the one part of the country that leads the way in the recovery of the U.S. recession. The real estate markets we focus on here in the Sunbelt are amongst the fastest growing in population and job growth in the country. We are not saying that there aren't other real estate markets in the country that you can experience some sort of capital appreciation or cash flow but we are saying that as an overall sum of all components none of them will compare to the Sunbelt. Some may disagree but when you start adding up all the thoughts from 3rd party sources it is tough not to agree.

  • Forbes magazine believes 5 of the real estate markets we focus on are the top 5 markets to invest in in 2015.
  • U-haul truck reports the top two cities moved to in the USA in 2014 were in the Sunbelt. More people moved to the Sunbelt then any other part of the country.
  • Money Magazine believes real estate is the ideal investment to hedge against inflation.

We operate a little differently then any other company. First, we hyper-focus on exclusive markets that are not only performing now, but ones which we expect their performance to continue. We have a fair bit of intelligence in each one of these markets. Each year, we make 4-5 visits per year to review the investments made and the ones that will be made by ourselves and our clients. From there, we review the quality of the renovations and meet with the property managers.

The Sunbelt process

Step 1: Discuss your goals and how real estate in the Sunbelt fits in to those goals.

During this initial step is an overall one-on-one review of:

  • Your portfolio goals and structure
  • A review of the different markets in the sunbelt
  • Your criteria for the right property

Step 2: Review investment properties that fit your criteria.

This is the property review process where we are not reviewing the way the house looks but the whole package inclusive of:

  • The numbers
  • The area
  • The quality of the renovation

Step 3: Select properties

This is where we finalize the properties that fit your criteria and build your portfolio.

Step 4: Due diligence / Financing process

You are on track during this time. We encourage a building inspection and pest & dry rot inspection of the subject property. If your property will be financed by a 3rd party the lender will obtain their own 3rd party appraisal.

Step 5: Own investment property building your portfolio.

You will set up your account with the property manager and start receiving the income on your investment property.

All houses are put through a renovation process. The renovation process is the name of the game.

There are a lot of great properties out there….